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Tidiness: clean and organized, not messy

The question, "Is your bed made?" may bring to memory your Mother's voice. Or you may have heard yourself recently asking this of your children. It's a good question.

It has been said, that a well made bed sets the tone of the day.

I find that when I take a moment in the early hours of the day to straighten sheets and fluff pillows, it gives me just a few minutes to reflect on what the day will hold.

But lets face it... some days there just isn't time!

Does your bedroom look like this after the morning rush?

Not to worry... a well made bed of today can be a reflection of your lifestyle.

Whether you appreciate the finely tucked & fluffed bed.

Or find yourself in the middle - loving casual sophistication.

Your well made bed is just that... yours!

So in the name of tidiness, make the time to pull, tuck, fluff and toss... whatever sort of love you can give your bed. Try it, you might like it.

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