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How to Embrace “Small Space - Big Life” When Designing Your Home

As Armstrong Design Collective celebrates its second anniversary, we’ve been reflecting on the ethos that has driven our journey thus far: "Small Space - Big Life." From the inception of ADC, we've been passionate advocates for making the most out of every inch of space while ensuring that the design enhances the quality of life within the home. Today, we're excited to share how we embody mini luxury and offer practical tips on incorporating it into any design project. 

At the heart of "Small Space - Big Life" lies the belief that living in a small space shouldn't equate to sacrificing comfort, functionality, or style. It's about maximizing the potential of the space, and exceeding expectations. Here are some key principles we live by:

1. Purposeful Design: Every element in a small space should serve a purpose. When starting a design project, consider the functionality of each piece and how it contributes to the space. Multipurpose furniture, built-in storage, and adaptable layouts are the best in maximizing efficiency.

2. Optimization of Vertical Space: In small spaces, vertical space often goes underutilized. Embrace floor-to-ceiling shelving, wall-mounted storage units, and lofted areas to capitalize on height and create additional storage without encroaching on floor space.

3. Light and Airy Aesthetics: Light colors, ample natural light, and strategically placed mirrors can visually expand the perceived size of a room, making it feel more spacious. Avoid heavy, dark furnishings that can make a room feel cramped. Opt for furnishings with slender profiles to maintain an open atmosphere.

4. Streamlined Organization: Clutter is the enemy of small space living. Invest in modular storage containers, drawer organizers, and closet systems to keep belongings stowed away. Implementing a "less is more" approach to décor can also help maintain a sense of visual openness.

5. Personalization and Creativity: Despite the constraints of a small space, there's ample room for personal expression. Embrace unique design solutions and innovative furniture arrangements that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Customizing your space ensures that it not only meets your needs, but also brings you joy!

ADC is proud to have helped our clients transform their small spaces into environments that enrich their lives.  And as we mark our second anniversary, we are happy to announce we will be posting a new blog every week and we invite you to join us in learning and embracing our ethos of "Small Space - Big Life!" 


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