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Journey: an act of traveling from one place to another

And that is what I have been doing for the past six weeks. The journey began in Palm Beach Gardens where I headed south. Strange path to New York but there were clients with projects to push forward and friends to visit. After visiting Boca Raton and Key Biscayne I turned north to Orlando to stay with dear friends and enjoy their amazing new outdoor living space.

The next stop was in Jacksonville to spend time with a host of friends and assist one friend in seeing her laundry space & master bathroom in a whole new light.

And in true Jax girls style we were up first thing in the morning practicing our Yoga poses on Atlantic Beach. There is nothing like an ocean view, upside down, through your toes. That evening we hosted a Haunted House that is yet another BLoG to come. I can see it now... Anatomy of a Haunted House.

After a great stay, it was time to continue the journey with Washington D.C. as the next stop. It was great fun to stay and visit with my Aunt. She was quit the tour guide. And I have to say, it wasn’t nearly enough time to appreciate all D.C. has to offer. There is such a regal feeling being in the presence of such patriotic, massive structures.

Fall was in full force and it was beautiful to see all the amazing color. I'm going back soon!

And then it was on to the final destination, New York City. It was a short trip on that brisk Saturday morning, but it was a big trip. It ended with me setting up my tee-pee in TriBeCa - the triangle below Canal. It is located on the south west side of Manhattan, near the Financial District and Battery Park. Although Life Organized by Design has active clients in various areas of Florida, we are currently based in Manhattan. I look forward to many new adventures which I will share with you here in ‘Life by Design.’ Hopefully, some will include you!

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