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Ask the Designer: Kimberly Armstrong


My professional experience in the design world is extensive in Interior Design, Professional Organizing and Event Planning.

Are you stuck in a home improvement project? Need help choosing the right paint? Must find space to carve out a home office? Would like to plan an event but need ideas? Finally ready to change your life and get organized? Lets meet virtually and answer all the questions you may have and come up with a plan for your challenges.

Let me share a little bit about my design philosophy. Having studied in Palm Beach and had the privilege to work with and on extraordinary projects in South Florida and NYC, I've never been quit comfortable in those situations. I've done it and learned a ton, but personally I see the opportunity in design for everyone, budget or barley a budget at all. Recently, I worked with a young mother of three whom was moving into her first place with her boys. We had only 15 days and a few thousand dollars to complete three bedrooms, the living room and kitchen plus the bathroom. We did it... and we did it well! It was such a wonderful reminder that design, good design, can exist no matter the budget. Don't miss my next Blog Post highlighting that very quick and cute project.

My goal here with Ask The Creative is to provide help with design, organizing and party planning. That simple!

CLICK HERE to schedule a virtual appointment and we will

get you started on your path to success!

Can't wait to work with you and so happy to be blogging again.

Kimberly ~the creative


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