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Refresh Your Rental

Refreshing your rental home is easy... just think outside the box!

Just because you live in a rental property, doesn't mean you can't do everything you can to make it your home. You can and you must! Join us as we do just that with a client and her busy family in our latest blog Refresh Your Rental.

Refreshing your rental home is easy... just think outside the box!  Adding a new window treatment or proper furni

We started in negotiating with the landlord. For an extended two year lease, we were able to secure a deal for fresh paint throughout (we even chose the paint) and new carpet throughout! We attempted new tile, but that was a no go. Not to worry... two out of three ain't bad.

Refreshing your rental home is easy... just think ours of the box! Adding new window treatments and furnitures

Family photos were extremely important to the ever expanding tribe. We cleaned up the space by creating a collage on a very large wall, replacing worn out vertical blinds with chic panels and purchasing appropriately fitting furniture.

Although the new window treatments allowed an abundance of natural light to flood the Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen, introducing layered lighting was still very important. With limited overhead lighting in a vaulted ceiling space we addressed the issue with table lamps and new overhead fixtures. In the kitchen we were able to purchase inexpensive pendant lights at a local home store. The dining room light was sourced at a designer lighting gallery, but certainly didn't come with a designer price tag.

Note: we were limited by the electricity supply in dining room, but that didn't stop us from creating a sleek swag to center it about the newly placed table. We went out on a limb and replaced the light fixtures at the renters expense. The hope is upon leaving the landlord will appreciate the upgrade and let them stay for a negotiated price. If not, down they come and will leave with the renter.

Again, picture placement was essential in the dining room. Rather than saturate the walls, we cleaned up the space and created another meaningful collage wall. In addition, we removed some of the unnecessary items, purchased a new buffet which created a much more open, inviting space for the family to share a meal. Remember, you must always give the eye a chance to rest.

The entry hall plays host to the 'best of the best' photos as well as serves a utilitarian purpose with hooks and a storage bench for tucking away shoes.

The bathroom was dreary and mute. With beige walls, old lighting and dated door pulls. We freshened this space with a beautiful, soothing grey paint, a new light fixture and updated hardware for the drawers and cabinets. The top down/bottom up shade allows for much needed natural light and lets face it... it's fun to play with

Adding additional space to a shower can be tricky. We added a curved curtain rod and a panel at the bottom to extend the curtain and allow us to raise it higher than a standard curtain. The result, a roomier and cozier shower.

Highlighting the bathroom with airy and whimsical accessories, provides for a fresh new experience.

We repurposed and reused many items. We purged and sold many items as well. With a little 'outside the box' thinking, we turned this rental property into a home with pieces and parts the renter will take with her when she goes. The final question that many have pondered: Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

We think Buck has the answer!

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