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The Gentleman's Closet

It was so much fun collaborating with Stacy Mulder, the owner of SLATE menswear shop - 44 Ionia Ave Grand Rapids, MI - and we couldn't be happier to have her as our guest blogger. Thank you Stacy. And for all of you out there in 'blog-land' make it a point to swing by SLATE...

you won't be disappointed!

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of joining Kimberly on her WZZM13 #MakeoverMonday segment. Our goal for the segment was to emphasize the importance of having and maintaining a classic and organized closet. If you have yet to view the segment, here is the clip!

With Kimberly’s expertise in the organizing category, we learned how simple a few tweaks here and there are for achieving an organized closet. For example, group like items together, i.e. short sleeve shirts together, then long sleeve shirts as the next item group. We also learned that using the same thin, felt hangers would streamline the look of the closet as well as save you space. By applying these simple tools it makes getting ready for the day or packing for a vacation so much easier.

When asked about maintaining a “classic” closet, the first things that come to mind are staple pieces. For example, every man should have a pair of dark-washed jeans, a crisp, white button down, a simple t-shirt and a standard brown belt.

To build upon that, we like to incorporate simple prints, elevated materials and pops of color to enhance outfits. For example, a man can pair his dark-washed jeans with a button down and throw on a cashmere sweater over top. This takes his look to the next level and “finishes” the outfit. We also love the idea of pairing a twill pant, such as our J Brand straight leg, in a fun blue or red with a button down that has a simple print or pattern on it. We’re currently crushing on the prints from Life After Denim.

By maintaining an organized closet and having a few basic pieces as well as trendy items, you’ll be able to get out of the door for work in no time and still be the best dressed man in the office.

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