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The Evolution of a Woman's Closet.

Reimaging and designing a young, busy career womans closet.

We started with purging and organizing all the "keepers."

The next step was to design the closet around what was going back in. Like any woman, she loves shoes. We decided to add shelving at eye level. They are easy to see, grab and go!

We had a lot of clothing that needed a home, so we created two double hang areas as well as an additional space for longer pieces.

Introducing shelving allowed for sweaters and sweatshirts to be housed neatly. We also tucked handbags away, but they are still easily accessible.

Organizing can be functional and fun. We used two beach bags, one to house gym shoes and the other to for flip flops and sandlals. And the bags are so cute!

Boots found a place to live both efficiently and in plan view.

A few special purchases were highlighted, nestled in between her awesome shoe collection. This will make her early morning wardrobe choices just a little easier as I am sure it will make her smile.

Getting organized can be complicated. Taking your time to purge, evaluate your needs and reintroduce all items affectively back into your closet will truly change your life.

Learn to live a Life Organized by Design!

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